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March 15, 2019! Day 1 of my official fitness journey!! So, on day one I weighed 132 pounds!!! I had 0% muscle like literally guys no muscle. I was working at a desk job, I was jiggly, I was just a hot mess. I didn’t work out I didn’t keep active I didn’t eat right. I just ate whatever I wanted and that had to stop. So now I kind of keep track of what I eat – I kind of don’t – I still eat whatever the heck I want. But! I try.

Anyways, I had to quit doing what I was doing I had to make a lifestyle change. So I started going to the gym!

First I started off going a couple times a week. Then, I gradually started adding days to my week. If that makes sense. At home, I would do lunges or do you little simple things on the days that I would not go to the gym. I would pick a spot in my house, and every time I would walk past that spot I would do lunges. You guys! I had no idea how much this Was going to help me. But it did! Seriously who knew picking a spot in the house, and lunging pass that one spot every time I walk by it, would work so freaking much!

Anyways, I’m several Months in and I’m just warning you guys now some of this is going to be raw ugly but this is me. So! Support me! Follow me! And hopefully you can pick up some tips along the way. Here’s to a fabulous, hard, kind of stupid Fitness journey!!

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Published by Ashlee

I’m a 31y/o mom of 2 amazing boys, former Army Medic, and all around crazy human being! I love sharing life and all it has to offer!

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