YoungLiving Essential Oils

Several friends of mine have been posting about the YL Essential oil products and I’ve got to admit, I was skeptical! I do LOVE essential oils and I’m a firm believer in them…. but another direct sales company!?

Young Living offers essential oils, diffusers, Makeup, cleaning supplies, health products, and Child/Pet friendly products! So they’ve upped their game since the last time I took a look at them!

In the past I’ve used the Thieves household cleaning supplies and ABSOLUTELY LOVED THEM!!

I ordered my starter Kit and got my account all set up! 19372788 is my member number in case you want to order! 😉

When my kit came I was ecstatic!! HELLO! ESSENTIAL OILS ARE BOMB! I did order the T-away for my dogs, also! They’re kind of jerks when I’m gone! Barking and what not….

I use peppermint oil in my diffuser A LOT!! I hit the gym and it helps soothe muscles and helps keep me and the kids focused on tasks at hand…….

But so far, I’ve discovered different ‘recipes’ and wowza! Guys! Pinterest has taught me so much! I’m gonna take some more time and study up on recipes and how essential oils can benefit my family!!

Bye for now! Feel free to follow my YL Board on Pinterest!! Scan the pin code 😉

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Published by Ashlee

I’m a 31y/o mom of 2 amazing boys, former Army Medic, and all around crazy human being! I love sharing life and all it has to offer!

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