Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo Wireless Headphones

I have teamed up with Anker to bring y’all some unbiased and uncensored reviews!! I’ll update this post as needed because I’m going to use them several different ways and in different settings! Cuz let’s face it, your active mom life is so not the same as mine!

Currently, I am unemployed, it’s summer vacation, and my day to day activities vary!

As of right now, they’re in the mail on the way to me! So I’ll share the information from their site.

You can buy them directly from their site Here. Or you can use my promo code ‘ ASHMELEE88’ and get the special pricing of $46.99!!

  • -Super compact true-wireless earphones that play incredible audio 
  • -Ultra-Compact Design
  • -Liberty Neo is so small and light, featuring GripFit™ technology you’ll immediately forget you’re wearing them. (Single bud weight only 0.2 oz)
  • -Graphene-Enhanced Sound
  • -Exceptional clarity delivered via Graphene drivers with deep, resonant bass.
  • -Push and Go Technology
  • -The simplified setup ensures ultra-fast pairing. The last-paired device automatically connects on startup. 
  • -Flawless Connectivity 
  • -Using satellite technology (LDS antenna) Liberty Neo maintain a super-strong Bluetooth 5 connection. 
  • -Stereo Handsfree Calls
  • -Unlike most total-wireless earphones that deliver calls through a single earpiece, Liberty Neo provide in-call stereo sound.

Anyway! To be updated……

So it’s July 4th,2019! I’ve been using these bad ass headphones for several days and OMG! I’m actually impressed!! They’re not Beats but they’re up there! I actually like them BETTER than the air pods! Seriously! The case holds a charge, so if the headphones die, you can charge them in the case! I love it! Check it out ….. At first putting them in your ear is weird but they sit so perfectly and aren’t heavy AT ALL! I’ve been using them to learn new songs on my bass guitar, yes I’ll post pics!! 😇 They’re not completely sound blocking but they do an awesome job! They paired to my phone quicker than me! They were paired before I had a chance to figure it out 😂😂😂!! I do recommend using the little loops they send, it helps keep the ear pieces securely in your ear. I mean, they stay without it, but they’re not as stable, they feel loose. So! So far, these headphones have …..

-Gone walking with my dog around the park

-Been to the gym about a hundred times

– Laid in bed and watched a movie

– Taken several phone calls

-Chased my crazy dog down the street

-Helped ignore a team of boys at my house

-Learned numerous songs on the bass guitar

They’ve really gotten their use in, these last couple days! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them! The quality is amazing for being $47 ish!! I would take these over air pods any day!

Typically when I pick headphones, I go to Walmart, head to the electronics aisle and stare….. A LOT! I don’t buy the cheapest and I don’t buy the most expensive! I’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for! So, I like to hover in the middle priced items…. usually around $30/$40 if the selection is decent. So these are a little bit above my price range, simply because my husband goes through 4/5 sets of headphones a year!!! He’s uses and abuses them, people! Not gonna lie! But he actually loves these and has taken them to the gym as well! He’s in love.

I’ve got a few more days with these bad boys, so we are gonna see how they do tonight with all the fireworks 🧨! Later, gators!

July 7th y’all! So these headphones definitely get an 8/10! Amazing, simple to use and high quality for less than $50! The sound quality is totally worth the price! They block out the sounds of grunting guys in the gym, they block out the screaming kids, and they block the haters bs ;). The convenient case is awesome, you definitely don’t want them bad boys rolling around in your gym bag! The only thing that I disliked was the fact that my earrings got in the way but no biggie! All In all, of you’re looking for an awesome set of headphones, these are them!! You can get these bad boys Here!

Hope you enjoyed this review!! Check them out on Instagram as well…..

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